Jason Wilson PhotographerJason Wilson Photography is focused on providing pictures and techniques to our clients' needs ensuring a unique (or Individual) experience. At the customers' request we utilize any and all locations and features available to bring their vision to life. Our sessions stand alone in quality, turn around times and customization to show the clients' most important moments or events.

By Blending Light into life, I'm able to capture exactly what the clients' needs are, resulting in a perfect photo. With 10 years of experience and the different types of photography I do, anything is possible.

I spend time with each client and get to know them. When the day of the event arrives it makes easier and smoother for both parties. We make our clients feel comfortable!

Latest Press: ION Magazine (p20-21)
Sin City Magazine
Arch City Media - El Monstero Concert

Travel: YES - Greater St. Louis area, IL and MO.
Phone: 314-780-5950
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