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Jason Wilson Photography Testimonials


Jason is an excellent guy with a knack for capturing the right shot. He is easy to work with and can get shots in even the most difficult lighting settings. One of the best out there, hands down. We will continue to work with him for many years to come!
~Sean McHargue

I’ve been a part of many events where Jason and his team capture the moments. They get amazing photos but also capture the moments that made the event special. Highly recommended!!
~Ryan - Outrun the Fall

Jason has been a godsend to both my family and my band, Divine Sorrow. Met him at one of our shows. He showed up to shoot our set. He sent over what he captured the very next morning. All that I can say is that we were blown away! A true pro! My wife and I invited him to do our family pictures at our home. Another home run. I can’t recommend a better person to trust the important moments in your life with. Thanks Jason!
~Bryan Chappell

I recommend Jason because he pays attention to detail and cares about every shot he takes. He's consistent in his work and dedicated to the finished product.
~Michelle Trapp

Jason does amazing work. He has a way of capturing actual movement through his photos. The Vibrant colors he uses make each photograph stand out like you're right there.
~Sarah Springman-Shewmake

This guy does some amazing work for sure! He's got a special talent behind the lens of a camera. I would definitely use Jason Wilson anytime if you want great photos and videos.
~Jeff Nichols